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That’s right, I said UnChrome! I don’t know about you, but I don’t use Google Chrome very much anymore, because I’m a bit concerned that Google is collecting my information and storing it. Don’t get me wrong, Chrome is a great Web browser, but I just don’t feel the safest using it. Luckily, the other day, I stumbled across a great piece of software called UnChrome. Apparently, Google Chrome identifies its users by their IDs and then UnChrome comes along and removes them. Here’s how it all works!

1.) First, click here [1] to download UnChrome (make sure Google Chrome is closed first).

2.) Next, click Run (Internet Explorer) or click Save File and run the application by double clicking on it (Firefox).

3.) This screen will then pop up:

4.) Click Remove Unique ID Now and then click OK to confirm you’ve already closed out the Chrome browser.

5.) Success! The screen will then change to look like this:

You can now browse with Chrome without being identified by Google. Oh yeah!

~ Brandon Zubek