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Underline With Pizzazz In MS Word

Underline With Pizzazz In MS Word

Have you ever wished you had a better way to emphasize your point? (Besides raising your voice of course. MS Word seems pretty immune to that tactic. Too bad – I can be pretty good at that one when I need it!)

You’ve done the normal bold, color change and underline thing. But, this time you’re looking for a little something “extra”. (Like the “sprinkles” my niece likes to decorate cakes with. Just that little extra touch.)


Good – because I’ve got a possible solution for you!

How about a different underline for a change of pace?

Instead of the old stand-by here’s a few of the others you can try on for size:


So, now you that you know you have options, let’s get to the “how to”.

Once you’ve decided what text should be underlined, highlight it.

Now it’s time to get busy with the underlining.

Go to the Format menu, Font choice. (Alt, O then F will also do the trick.)

On the Font tab locate the Underline field.

Take a good look.

Do you see it?

Did you notice the drop-down menu arrow?

Click it.

If you have Word 97 you should see this in the menu:


In the newer versions of Word you’ll see something like this. (Also note that this list has a scroll bar – so the list contains more choices than you can see at once.)


Either way – pick the underline style of your choice then click OK.

Presto – Change – O!

You have an eye-catching underline that really packs a punch.

~ April