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Underwater Photography

Underwater Photography

Almost every photographer is thrilled when taking his or her first pictures underwater, whether it’s in a swimming pool or in the ocean. The excitement comes not only from the very idea of capturing an underwater scene on camera, but also from being in a completely different environment. It’s almost like a whole other world!

Underwater Photography in a Word

If the difficulties encountered in shooting underwater had to be summed up in one word, perhaps the best would be “limitations.” Communication and travel below the surface are limited. Natural light and visibility are limited, equipment selection is limited and even time can be limited.

The secret to successful underwater photography comes from how well you overcome those limitations.

The rewards of underwater photography can be great! Since it’s a specialized area that relatively few photographers attempt, the opportunities for new and different images are many. People who have little interest in seeing all your other pictures will usually be very eager to see your underwater pictures. There’s a novelty aspect to those kinds of photos and we’re all fascinated by images we seldom get to see in person. Once you conquer underwater photography, you’ll be well on your way to pro status. Have fun!

~ Ramachandran Kumaraswami