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Undo a Move in Outlook

I don’t know about you, but I tend to go through my e-mail messages and then “sort” them. You know, delete it or move it to some folder or another.

When moving messages, I simply drag and drop them into their new location using the folder list.

The problem is that I inevitably drop some into the wrong location.

Usually I realize it right away, but still have to navigate to a different folder, actually find the message(s) and then put them where they belong – or do I?

It turns out that I don’t actually have to do all of that in MS Outlook.

Unknown to many people, the Undo command works on more than just editing changes.

Next time you find that you’ve dropped in the wrong location simply use Undo. You can use the Undo button; the Edit menu Undo or, my personal favorite, Ctrl + Z.

Whatever way you do your undo, you’ll find that the messages you just moved are back where you got them from, just like the whole thing never happened.

~ April