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Ungrouping Messages In Outlook.com

Enid writes: Steve, you sent out advice for ungrouping messages for Gmail, but I do both and cant find the change for Hotmail/Outlook. I hate this bunching as it winds up sending messages to people who’ve previously been copied as one continues in conversation and THAT’S A REAL PROBLEM if you say something in error. Thanks.

Hello Enid, Cynthia here and I feel your pain. I was part of an email exchange at Easter-time where someone was copied on an e-mail expressing concern over whether she was going to make that horrible casserole this year. AWKWARD!  I’m glad you asked the question, as I have a new Outlook.com account and I am no fan of grouping. So walk through it with me while we fix my account.

First click on settings in the upper right of your screen, symbolized by a gear.


From the drop-down menu, choose More Mail Settings.



You’ll get a full page list of options, go down to the bottom under the Reading email section and select Group by conversation and pre-load messages.


Under Conversation Settings, Select Show messages individually and click save.


Hopefully that will avoid future problems.

~ Cynthia