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Unhistorical – An Amazing History Site

I love history, which is why I ended up double-majoring in English and History. So it makes me very excited to discover a site like this that takes a look into the history and culture of the world. 

Navigation is fairly straightforward. Just scroll down the page to read the most recent articles. Unlike other blog style sites, you’ll find navigation to older posts is found beneath the left side menu. The menu contains the sections Archive, Ask, Tags, FAQ, Recommend, and About. Just below that you’ll see a listing of numbers. Click on the number or arrow to navigate back through the archives. 

You’ll find all sorts of fascinating articles on history and culture here like gerrymandering, the founding of the Dutch East India Company, and Operation Meetinghouse, just to name a few. The posts can be text, images, or text and images – but they’ll always have something to do with history or culture. 

I think this is a great site and hope you will too! Enjoy exploring!

http://unhistorical.tumblr.com [1]