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Uninstall a Program

How to un-install a program, eh? Shouldn’t Worldstart have this in their tip archive already? Well, maybe, but updates are always nice, too, right? Without further hesitation, here are two methods to get rid of just about any program installed in Windows Vista.

Go to Start>All Programs and look under the program you’d like to uninstall. Chances are you’ll see something like this:


Some may say “Uninstall” others can say “Remove”, but they do the same thing.
In either case, if you click that, it will open the uninstall wizard, which will guide you through the rest of the process.

But what if I don’t have an uninstaller? What then?

Simple, go to Start>Control Panel and choose “Classic View” off to the left. Look for “Programs and Features” and double-click on it. Scroll down the list of programs that appears, choose which one you want to purge from your system and click “Uninstall” up at the top.


It’s that easy! And now you have more space on your computer!