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Uninstall Internet Explorer 8

Maybe you “Just don’t like it”, but for whatever reason, here’s a tip on how to uninstall Internet Explorer 8 in Windows XP and Vista.

Note: Before even attempting this tip, make sure you have another up-to-date browser already installed on your PC, otherwise you won’t be able to view content on some web pages correctly. Alternate browsers include: Mozilla Firefox, Opera, or Google Chrome.

Windows XP:

Go to Start>Control Panel and select Add or Remove Programs

Now look down the list and find Windows Internet Explorer 8 and click the Remove button.

Restart and you’re finished!

Windows Vista:

Go to Start>Control Panel

Now select Programs (Might be Programs and Features if you’re in Classic View)

Now select View Installed Updates (Might be under Tasks if you’re in Classic View)


Scroll down until you see Windows Internet Explorer 8 and click Uninstall at the top.


If you can’t find anything to uninstall you may want to consider just installing a new web browser and simply forgetting you have IE8 on your computer at all. For example, I can’t uninstall IE8 in Windows 7, so I just forget about it and use Firefox!