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Uninstall Windows Sidebar Gadgets

The Windows sidebar is a wonderful little featured introduced in with Windows Vista. It has programs for it (called gadgets) that allow you to see the weather, check the stock market and see how much strain you’re putting your computer under. That’s just the beginning, though, because there are tons more gadgets you can download online, too!

In fact, before too long your list of gadgets might grow beyond manageable, so this tip will teach you how uninstall them.

First, click Start and in the Search Box, type Gadgets.

The gadget window should open up:


Now, simply right click on the gadget you want to give the ol’ heave-ho to and select Uninstall.


You’ll get a confirmation window. Just click Uninstall again and you’re good to go!


Now you have room to get even MORE gadgets!