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This amazing, interactive site links together U.S. television creators’ shows to create Universeries! You’ll be able to see how they’re interconnected, who they’ve worked with, what they’re successful for,  and so much more!

When the site loads, you may have to allow real player to play the content.  I got a pop-up asking for permission in Google Chrome. In theory, any browser that supports HTML5 should run this site. Once you’ve taken care of any authorizations, the intro will begin.

You’ll blast off into the universe-themed map of Universeries. The creators of U.S. television shows are divided up into quadrants, or constellations, to go along with the universe theme. The categories they are divided into are: The Businessmen, Classics, The Autodidacts, The Eclectic, and The Masters. Click into each one to check out the individual maps. Each section is colored differently. 

Now, that isn’t the only way you can navigate, but I thought it was the most fun. If you look at the top of the page, you’ll find other navigation options under Menu: Families (that’s the way I described above), Genres, TV Shows, and Formats. Or, you can choose to browse by Showrunners, which loads a photo gallery of the creators. Then, you can click on the image to be whisked away to their location on the map. 

Have a favorite creator? Well, you can click search and then type in the name of the person you are looking for in the search field that appears.

Think that’s all? Well it isn’t! Be sure to check out the awesome About page and Glossary for more interesting tidbits! 

http://cinema-series.orange.fr/evenement/universeries/en/ [1]