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Unplugged XP

Paul from Cairns, Australia writes:

Not so much a question as a comment. I read all the quick tips with interest and learn a lot from questions I would like to ask. In particular all the comments about the demise of XP. All the issues concerning it’s demise (apart from Microsoft’s financial ones) relate to security. My old XP computer is not hooked up the internet and never will be. I use it for word docs, spreadsheets and Photoshop etc and share an external hard drive with my Windows 7 computer if I need to up/download something. It is incredibly freeing not to have to worry about viruses or spyware etc and just get on with what I am doing.

Actually, Paul that’s a great idea. I think I’ve mentioned it in passing before in other articles, but never gotten into the idea in-depth. If you have another device for going online, there’s no reason not to keep your XP computer in use off-line. Windows XP isn’t going to stop working when Microsoft stops doing security updates.

It wouldn’t be difficult to use another computer, a tablet or even a smartphone for your e-mail and internet browsing. I would be cautious about putting new files on your XP computer. If you have a Windows 7 or 8 computer with up-to-date security, you can check files there first before moving them onto your XP computer. There is always the possibility that someone could come up with a new exploit for XP that might sneak past security updates for Windows 7 and 8. Creating and taking files off you XP computer is much safer than loading anything onto your XP computer.

The idea that having an “unplugged” computer can pick up your productivity, is a valid one. In fact, there are several apps for writers that prevent you from accessing the Internet while in use. And an XP computer would certainly work fine for the tasks you’ve described.

But anyone who makes the decision needs to stick with it. No using your XP computer to hop on the Internet for just a minute or two when no other connection is available.

~ Cynthia