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Do you ever receive links that have been shortened and wonder where they go to? I do too, especially as site submissions. With all the viruses and malware on the internet, it is better to be safe and sorry and check the link before clicking it it (unless it is from a trusted source).

Another great reason to check links that have been made tiny is if the link comes up blocked in your country because of the tiny part of the address when the main site hasn’t been. 

For example you could receive a link that look like this: http://tiny.pl/htk [1]

There’s not even a hint as to where it goes. That link will take you to Google, but what if it took you to a site infected with malware or viruses?

Well you could paste into the text field on Untiny and click the Extract button to find out where that link really goes. I’ve even gotten some of these links from my mom and double checked them just in case her e-mail had been hacked. (It’s happened before.)

Or if the tiny link is blocked in your country this will allow you to go the actual link provided it isn’t blocked as well. 

Don’t want to always head over to Untiny to check a link? Well the good news is that you don’t have to. Check out the Addons section at the top of the page or go here [2] to learn how you can manually check from your address bar, and find an assortment of addons that will make extracting shrunken links easier. 

Are you ready to decode any cloaked tiny links you get? Then go check out Untiny today!

http://untiny.me/ [3]