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Update Multiple Word Documents Simultaneously

When you use MS Word, do you find yourself updating the exact same information in many different files?

For example, maybe you have a weekly sales figure that is put into several different Word files each week.

Do you open all the files and change the information in each and every one? Even with a copy and paste process it still can take quite a bit of time.

Or, is there a simpler way? Maybe a way to update the information once and all the documents make the change?

Of course – why else would I ask??

Here’s the plan…

1. Create and save a file with only the information that is frequently updated.
2. Now copy that information.
3. Next we’re off to the file where the information actually belongs.
4. Once there, place the cursor where you want the information to be inserted.
5. Now it’s time for Paste Special to do its job. Click the bottom half of the Paste button located on the Home tab of the Ribbon.
6. When you’re in the Paste Special dialog box you need to select Paste link.


7. Now click OK.
8. Save the file.

Repeat the Paste Special process into all the files that should contain the data.

The next time you need the information updated in all the documents simply open the file with only the information in it – change the information – then save it.

Now open the other files.

You should find that the update has been completed in all of them.

There is one important piece of information that should be noted here… the link is specific to the location of the information file where it was first saved. If you move it then you’re going to have to set new links – so it’s best to be sure that you create that first file in a location where it can stay.

And there you have it…

One update can really take care of them all!

~ April