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Update Roolup 2

The other day, I saw something online for an Update Rollup 2. What is this? Please explain!

Surely! That’s no problem. You’re actually not the only one who has called us or written to us about this very topic. It’s very interesting, so come along with me as we check this out!

Do you have the Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005 program on your computer? If you do, there is an update for it that you just have to check out. It’s called the Update Rollup 2 and it’s meant only for the XP Media Center software. With this update, you will receive enhancements in the stability and performance of the program itself. So, if you’ve ever had any problems with the Media Center, this upgrade should fix them all!

Another main feature to the update is the improvements that are going into the Media Center Extender. The program will now recognize when you have an Xbox 360 connected to your network, it will provide extra support for two (yes, I said two!) Advanced Television Systems Committee tuner cards and it will also now function with the DVB-T radio broadcasts. You will also enjoy an optimization feature that will help your computer to continue to run smoothly, a zoom mode for widescreen TVs and an update for burning DVDs.

You can install the update by going to this Web site. You can either choose the Express (which is recommended) or the Custom installation. Now, in order for the install to work, you need to have both the Microsoft .NET Framework 1.1 and the .NET Framework 1.1 SP1 utilities already on your computer. Chances are, if you’ve been using the Media Center program for quite awhile, you will already have both of these on your PC.

If you’re not sure, there are a couple of ways you can go about finding out. For one, the regular Windows Update will actually determine if your computer has them or not. If you don’t happen to have them, it will automatically install them for you. Now, this is where things get a little more confusing, but bear with me and you’ll make it through.

Note: This next section is only for those of you who already have the .NET downloads on your computer. The .NET Framework 1.1 recently came out with an update. If you happened to run that update on your computer, you must uninstall it (just the update) in order for the .NET Framework 1.1 SP1 part of the download to work. If you don’t, those two functions will interfere with each other. So, now, if you’re not sure if you have the update, here’s how you can check. (By the way, the update will be labeled by the number 886904).

Go to Start, Run and type in “appwiz.cpl” and click OK. Click the Show Updates check box and under the Currently Installed Programs list, look for an entry that says “Microsoft .NET Framework 1.1 Hotfix (KB886904).” If you see it, you must remove it before you go any further with the Media Center upgrade. To uninstall it, click on the entry and choose Remove. Remember, if you don’t see that entry in the list, don’t worry about it. You can continue on with the Rollup Update install.

Okay, I hope you made it through all of that with me. Either way, you’re now free to go and install the Update Rollup 2 and you can start to enjoy the new features and benefits it has to offer. Also, don’t forget that if you need any technical support with the new program, contact the manufacturer of your actual software immediately. They will be the ones who can help you the best, because they know the software better than anyone else.

Now, go and have fun with your new Media Center!

~ Erin