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Updating Your iPod

Updating Your iPod

The music program of iTunes, widely used by most computer users today, exists only because of the iPod. As you may know, the iPod is a device that can store all of your music files, video files, podcasts, picture slideshows and much more. The iPod has essentially replaced the CD player and other devices used for music purposes. Instead, the iPod allows you to store a great deal of music on one small, portable device, ranging anywhere from 1 to over 100 GB. Now, it’s important to keep your iPod up to date at all times in order to benefit from all the new features that are added on a regular basis. So, let’s work on getting your iPod updated!

In order to use an iPod, it must first be connected to your computer via a USB cord connection. Once it’s connected, the iTunes program will immediately come up on your computer screen.

Note: It’s very important not to disrupt the USB connection between the computer port and the iPod device during the update process. Otherwise, the update may not go through properly.

Once the iPod is connected, your computer will begin to charge its battery and any updates for your music, videos, etc. will be transferred to the device accordingly. A new category will also appear on the left hand side menu, called Devices, which is where you’ll see the name you have given your iPod.

By clicking on your iPod’s name under the Devices tab, the basic information for your device will be shown. On that page, you can update the device itself to a higher version or you can edit the available options. Those include: immediately opening the iTunes program when connecting the device to your computer, syncing only the checked songs and videos (more on that below), manually managing your music and videos and enabling disk use.

On the Music page (the first tab under the Library category), there’s a checkmark located on the left hand side of each file next to the name. If the box is checked, that file will be transferred to your iPod. If you don’t want to transfer a certain file onto the device, simply uncheck the box. The same concept applies for movie clips, podcasts and other related file types.

Additionally, all playlists will be transferred to your iPod as well. The six main playlists transfer directly, but the check/uncheck method can be used here as well. If you don’t want certain songs on the playlists to be transferred, simply uncheck the box next to the song’s name. If you have created any of your own playlists, those will also be uploaded to your iPod.

Also, whenever you make any updates or revisions to iTunes on your computer, those changes can be directly transferred to your iPod by simply connecting it to your computer. Your iPod should also be connected to your computer when you need to charge its battery. As you can see, updating your iPod is very easy. Plus, with all the latest technology for computer programs and devices, entertainment is more accessible than ever!

~ Sheida