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Use A New Browser Window

Know what I hate? Anchovies on my pizza and recycled browser windows. You don’t know what a recycled browser window is you say? Let’s illustrate this idea with an example.

You have a web page open that you’re checking out. An e-mail comes in and you decide to switch to your e-mail program. As you check out the new e-mail, you see a friend has sent you a link to a cool web page. So, you click the link and it loads in place of the page you were originally looking at. You catch yourself yelling, “Hey, stop! I was lookin’ at that!”

Sure, you can always hit your Back button to go back to your original page, but wouldn’t it be nicer if the e-mail link would just open up in a new window?

Good news- it can with just a couple of clicks of your mouse!

With Internet Explorer select the Tools menu, Internet Options .

Under the Advanced tab , look for the Browsing section. Now, look for a check box labeled ” Reuse windows for launching shortcuts “. Uncheck that puppy and you’re all set.


Now, for all you Firefox users it is also possible to have a new browser window open. Go to Tools/Options then click the “Advanced” button.

Under “tabbed browsing” look for “Open links from other applications in:”

Select the radio button you want—new window, new tab, or current tab/window (default).


Now you shouldn’t lose the page you’re looking at when you click a link from an email.

~ Steve