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Use Captioner To Add Titles to Pictures

Gladys Taylor from MN asks:

How can I put names or titles on photos already on my PC? I would like to put them on, and not under the picture, if that is possible.

Well Gladys, you could add text onto photos by using Microsoft Paint, or even Microsoft Word. However, there is a simpler way, and that is to use captioning software! Captioning software enables you to add text to photos. There are two types of captioning software, online and offline. After reviewing several captioning software, I recommend using any of the following for their ease of use:

– Rofbot (Online)
– Captioner (Online)
– Picasa (Offline)

In this tip, I’ll focus on Captioner.
To add captions to photos, perform the following steps:
1. Go to http://bighugelabs.com/captioner.php [1].
2. Click the Browse button to upload the photo.
3. Type the text you want to add on the photo in the Caption text boxes.


4. Next, choose the type of caption. There are three styles to choose from: Speech Balloon, Though Bubble, and Action (One line only). I’ve used all three in this demonstration.


5. Scroll down and click the Create button. After generating the captions, a new screen appears which displays the captions and the photo you uploaded.


6. Now, drag-and-drop the captions onto the photo and after your done.


7. Scroll down and click the Finish button.


8. Click the Save button and specify a location on your computer.


You’ll notice that Captioner is very easy to use and automatically provides comic book style captions. However, it does not offer a variety of fonts. For a larger variety of fonts, use Rofbot [8]or Picasa [9]. Remember, these programs do not provide the speech bubble effect of Captioner.
The type of image dictates the caption style you’ll need. For more tips of captioning, read the following:

An Alternate Picture Caption Method

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~Rupen Sharma