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Use Internet Explorer To Open Files

Use Internet Explorer To Open Files

If you’re like me, you always have a web browser open. Well, if that browser is Internet Explorer, you could be doing more with it than just surfing the web!

Internet Explorer can also open all sorts of files. Just drag and drop a file into your Internet Explorer window and watch it open. I use this all the time for looking at JPEG’s and GIF’s since it takes a lot less time to load IE than it does my imaging software.

In addition, it can also open text files, Outlook e-mails, and even MS Office documents (sorry, you still need to have MS Office on your computer for that to work).

Not enough for ya? You want more?

Well, try dragging a folder to an open IE window. It will list all the items in the folder for you!

Drag & Drop:




So, next time you need take a quick look-see at a file or folder, just drag and drop it to Internet Explorer! Its usually much faster than opening the file with its native application, plus you look really cool if someone is watching you do it (never underestimate the “wow” factor :-)

~ Steve