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Use It, Lose It, or Momentarily Disable It

Use It, Lose It, or Momentarily Disable It

Decisions, decisions, decisions…

These are your choices when dealing with the AutoComplete in MS Word.

To “Use It” you need to decide to accept the AutoComplete entry (exactly what’s in the bubble) and then hit the Enter key. The entire text string will be completely filled in and you’re ready to move on.

Good – now that you know how to “Use It” let’s get to the “Disable It” part.

Usually you can just keep right on typing and the AutoComplete suggestion will disappear without another thought.

But what about the times when Word is trying to finish something that is already complete – i.e. you want it exactly as you’ve typed it and you need to hit the Enter key next.

What do you do?

We know that if we hit the Enter key with the AutoComplete suggestion still showing it’s going to fill it all in – causing you the headache of deleting all the unwanted text.

(Definitely not a suggestion I would give.)

So what’s the solution?

The Esc key – of course.

(It almost makes sense – after all, you’re trying to “escape” the AutoComplete feature for a minute or two.)

The next time you’re trying to hit the Enter key without the AutoComplete adding it’s current suggestion simply hit the Esc key.

The AutoComplete “bubble” will disappear and you’re then free to continue on with your work.

(You might want to note here that the AutoComplete was simply denied this one time – it will continue to make suggestions throughout your document. It’s not turned off – it’s just taking a quick nap.)

Now, finally, let’s discuss the “Lose It” part.

In other words, for everyone who wants to turn this feature completely off, these are the steps for you.

You will need to begin with the Insert menu, AutoText submenu then AutoText choice. (Alt, i, a then x will work here as well.)

This will take you straight to the AutoCorrect window and put you on the AutoText tab. (Which, by the way, is exactly where we want to be :-)

You’re looking to uncheck the box for “Show AutoComplete Tip for AutoText and dates”.


Then click OK.

And there you have it – no more AutoComplete “bubbles” to mess with your documents.

Use it, lose it or disable it – now you have all the control you need. (Yeah, I know, if only the control extended to other things in life.)

~ April