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Use MS Office Templates in Open Office

Previously we’ve talked before about the templates available at OpenOffice.org – which is really a great thing – but what if you’re looking for more than they have to offer?

Maybe you saw a presentation done in MS PowerPoint that had a really great design and learned that it was a free template download… but… you’ve got OpenOffice Impress so does that mean that you’re out of luck?

Out of luck? No way.

If you recall, back when we first looked at downloading OpenOffice we discussed that it’s compatible with Microsoft Office (meaning that with some limitations based on features of a particular program you can use OpenOffice files in Microsoft programs and vice versa).

So, it follows from there that a template (presentation or otherwise) for Microsoft can be used in an OpenOffice program as well.

Good news! 

Here’s all you have to do to make this one work for you…

Start by locating and downloading your template – when you save it to your computer be sure to know where you’ve saved it since you’ll need to find it again shortly.

At this point we’re off to the program you’re looking to use in OpenOffice. (For purposes of my pictures here I’m using Impress.)

To use your template go to the File menu, New sub-menu, Templates and Documents choice.


The Templates and Documents choice is also at the bottom of the list found with the down arrow on the New button.

Anyway, at this point you should be looking at a dialog box where you can navigate to and then select the template you just saved.


Click Open.

Voila! Templates that are designed with Microsoft in mind definitely aren’t off limits for OpenOffice users – a whole new world just opened up to you and it’s time to expand your horizons.