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Use Slides From Other Files: PowerPoint 2007

Use Slides From Other Files: PowerPoint 2007

Today, we’ll work with PowerPoint 2007’s ability to reuse slides from another presentation, saving you time and energy. Let’s get right down to business!

First, in order to bring slides from another presentation into the presentation currently open, you need the bottom half of the New Slide button on the Home ribbon.

At the very bottom, you’re looking for the Reuse Slides choice.

You will then see this on the right hand side of your program window:

In the top section, click on the Browse button, Browse File choice to select the PowerPoint file that contains your needed slides.

Find your presentation and then click on the Open button.

Upon your return, you’ll find that the bottom portion has been filled with the slides from the presentation you chose.

As you slowly run your mouse pointer over the slides, they will enlarge so that you can see just what you have to choose from.

Click on the slide you want to reuse in the current presentation.

That click will then insert the slide using the formatting for the new presentation, including the theme and slide master elements.

If you want to retain the original slide formatting, be sure to check the “Keep source formatting” checkbox at the very bottom before selecting a slide.

It’s possible to keep the source formatting for some of the reused slides, but not all of them, so you definitely need to keep that in mind.

If there are a couple of presentations you’re looking to pull slides from, simply repeat the Browse button, Browse File process.

The new set of slides will replace the first and you can proceed as usual.

Don’t fret if you realize you need a slide from the first file. You can quickly switch back by using the down arrow on the right side of the file name.

When you click on the arrow, you’ll find a list of the files you’ve recently used. Just select one, click on the blue right arrow to the right of the down arrow and the slide choices will switch back immediately.

There you have it. Reusing slides in PowerPoint 2007 is as easy as can be!

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