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Using Artistic Filters

Do you want to do something fun with your photos, but you’re not really an artist? Well, if that’s the case, I have a secret for you. Just use the artistic filters in Adobe’s Photoshop program and you can turn your ordinary photos and images into artistic masterpieces!

The first step is to open an image on your computer. Go to File and then select Open, Browse or Open Recent.

The next and probably most important step is to create a duplicate layer. Trust me, you will be happy you did this. A duplicate layer lets you create a duplicate image to modify. By having a duplicate layer, you can easily undo the filters if you need to. Plus, this way, you will not lose your original image. To get one, just go to Layer, Duplicate Layer.

A box will pop up with a name already selected for the copy. In my example, the name automatically assigned was “Purple Flower Copy.” Click OK or choose your own name for the duplicate layer and click OK.

Now, the real fun begins!

From the top menu row, select Filter to see all of the fun filters Photoshop has to offer.

Next, Click on Artistic. This will give you the entire list of artistic filters that will instantly transform you into an artist!

As you can see, the artistic filters in this menu offer endless possibilities for image creation!

The key to truly creating artistic masterpieces in Photoshop is to experiment with these filters. Try one, try them all or just combine a couple to see what you can create. It’s a whole lot of fun and you’ll even learn some great stuff along the way!

~Veronica West