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Using f.lux for More Comfortable Viewing

Raise your hand if you are guilty of using your computer late at night. I know I am, but who could blame us? Our hectic lives often require us to enjoy our leisure time or complete our work into the wee hours of the night. I’ve always been annoyed by the white glow of the monitor using the computer at night – especially when the lights are off. The brightness of the computer screen is more prominent at nighttime because computer screens we designed to look their best during the day.

I recently read a study that looking at blue or white light when it’s dark can suppress your body’s production of melatonin (the sleep hormone) making it even more difficult to get a good night’s rest. So what on Earth can we do? I have the answer to your problem and its name is F.lux!

F.lux is one of the niftiest little apps I’ve ever come across. It synchronizes itself with the time zone you are in, and after sunset it gradually makes your display more bearable in the dark hours. It does this not by dimming your display, but by adding a warm red tint to your screen, so that the bright white light can no longer blind you. Trust me; it’s so helpful! So let’s give it a spin!

1. First, you will want to head over to F.lux’s website. You’ll notice they have to download links for Windows, Macintosh, and Linux systems, how useful! I’ll be showing you the Windows version today.
2. Follow the onscreen instructions for installation and after it has completed, you will notice a little “sun and moon” icon in your task bar that looks like this.
3. Double click the icon, and the F.lux settings window will appear. You will notice at the bottom of the window that F.lux pinpoints your approximate position thereby giving it access to your sunrise and sunset time.


4. To view a 24-hour preview of F.lux’s capabilities, click the orb in the middle of screen and watch your screen’s color change as it travels through a full day’s cycle. Of course, when this occurs in real-time it will be much more gradual. But you can see what a great difference F.lux makes.

5. I just want to show you one last feature before you are ready to let F.lux do its thing. In the lower left hand corner of the settings window, you’ll see a checkbox labeled Disable for one hour. Use this when you are watching a movie or looking at some images on your computer and you don’t want the reddish tinge to hinder your viewing pleasure. If you enable this option late, you’ll be amazed at what a difference F.lux has been making without you even noticing.


That’s it! F.lux is ready to make everything much easier on your eyes as soon as the sun goes down. You’ll definitely never be able to work in the dark without it again!

~ Neil Patel