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Using Gridlines in MS Word

When you’re trying to finalize the appearance of a document, do you find yourself hoping that everything is lined up correctly?

I mean, is that picture or shape really lined up with the text or some other object?

We do have the horizontal and vertical rulers to work with, but if you’re trying to align many different items, it can take a lot of small adjustments to get it right.

Given that the ruler option is annoying, you have to wonder what other choices we have in the matter…

Well, we actually have a pretty good choice and that is to make the gridlines of the document visible…

You can display the gridlines via the View tab of the Ribbon.


Check the Gridlines option in the Show/Hide group.

The background of your document will now look like this:


With the gridlines visible it’s just a quick drag and drop of items to ensure that they are perfectly aligned with each other.

(Way, way, way faster than the constant moving and double-checking required to use the rulers for this task!)

Oh… and no worries about the gridlines being printed… they’re an element that’s viewed but not printed :)

~ April