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Using the Delete Key in OpenOffice Calc

Have you tried the Delete key when using OpenOffice Calc?

What happened?

Well, that depends upon where you were…

As in, were you in a cell or the formula bar editing content or did you have an entire cell(s) selected?

If you’ve got your cursor in the cell data (or the formula bar) editing the information then the Delete key does exactly what you’d expect. It deletes the character to the right of the cursor.

But… if you’ve got an entire cell selected (or a range of cells) then the Delete key brings up this:


Yep – when you’re asking Calc to delete with an entire cell selected you get choices… lot’s of them!

Basically, since your cursor isn’t actually in the cell then you must not be looking to remove individual characters so it gives you a list of what you might be trying to delete.

To use this little wonder simply select which item(s) to delete… you can check multiple items from the bottom so you can take out several items without removing everything.

For example… maybe you want the information out of the cell but leave behind the cell formatting.

In that case you’d be looking to check everything but the Formatting option. Now you can put in new data without redoing all the formatting work.

You get the idea – it’s a “mix-n-match” situation – it all depends upon what it is that you’re trying to delete.

And, of course there’s the Delete All choice which truly puts things back to the beginning, leaving nothing but empty cells with default formatting.

Who knew there could be so many choices offered by a single key?

~ April