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Using the F2 Key in PowerPoint

MS PowerPoint: Who Knew That the F2 Key Has a Use Here Too?

As I’m sure you already know, the F2 key when used in MS Excel will put you into the editing mode for the contents of a selected cell.

It’s a really handy little tool, since you can navigate through the sheet with the keyboard and with the F2 key, put the cursor into the cell’s contents allowing for editing. (Without placing the cursor into the cell for editing, any information you enter will replace the cell’s contents.)

Well, here’s an equally handy tidbit of news for my PowerPoint users… F2 does basically the same thing with the text placeholders as it does with cells in Excel.

When you have a content placeholder selected and you just begin typing, PowerPoint will put your cursor at the end of the current information and just tack it onto the end.

In contrast… if you have a placeholder selected and hit F2, you’ll find that your cursor is now in the placeholder ready to be relocated within the text for additions or editing.

Done editing?

No problem, use F2 again to stop editing text and select the placeholder.

With the placeholder selected, you can then use the Tab key to rotate through all the placeholders on the slide.

Ready to move to the next slide? Use the Page Up & Page Down keys.

When you get to your destination, nothing is selected – never fear – we still don’t need the mouse. Use the Tab key and the first placeholder will be selected so that now the Tab key rotates through them and the F2 key will toggle you in and out of editing a particular placeholder.

What could be easier? F2 and you’re editing, F2 again and you’re not… no mouse work required!

~ April