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Using the New Facebook pt. 1

Roy from KY asks:

Every time I get used to Facebook’s interface and features, they go and change it on me again! Can I get an update on the newer stuff, please?

It’s already hard enough to keep up with all these social networking sites, let alone when they are updated every couple of months!  Not to worry, though –  I am here to help you navigate you on your way to use the new Facebook layout with no problems!  After this tutorial, you will be aware of all the new changes that have been made to today’s most popular social networking site, and you’ll be able to keep in contact with the world in new and exciting ways!

Let’s start with the basics: if you do not already have a Facebook account or log-in, please refer to the first original Facebook tutorial (Facebook Tutorial 1 [1]) to set up an account for yourself and get started.

When you first sign in, Facebook automatically presents you with your homepage, or “News Feed,” which is your way to keep up with the “Most Recent” or “Top News” of the day.  These two options are located on the top right-hand corner of the page. “Top News” displays any status updates, photo uploads, posts, or comments from the last 24 hours that are displayed in a random order on your “News Feed.”  If you click on the down-arrow located next to “Most Recent,” a drop-down menu is presented in which you can specifically choose what you want to see on your “News Feed,” whether that be the most recent comments, status updates, photo uploads, etc.  You can even select “Edit Options,” if you want to modify your page to see updates from specific friends or friends lists.


On your homepage, which is the same thing as your “News Feed” page, you can use the left-hand panel to edit your profile or navigate your way around the most commonly used features of Facebook.  Let’s start with “Edit My Profile,” which is your first option displayed right under your name.  Here you can edit your basic info, profile picture, add friends/family or relationship statuses, and any other info you want to be displayed on your profile page.


Click on the “facebook” icon displayed in the top left-hand corner to bring you back to your homepage.  Also displayed in the left-hand column are options on what else you can view besides the “News Feed.”  This can be your Messages (inbox and chat messages), Events, Friends, as well as several other options. Below all of this, it will also say whether or not you are “online” or “offline” to chat.  The new Facebook layout comes with completely new chat features.  If it says, “You are currently offline.  To chat with your friends, go online,” click on the worlds “go online” highlighted in blue.


Once you click on this, a chat box will open on the right-hand side of your page.  If there is a green circle next to the friend’s name, it means that this user is online and available to chat.  If there is nothing next to the name, it means the user is offline but you can still send them an offline message which he or she will later receive in their inbox.

On the bottom of the page, below the list of friends’ names in your chat box, there is a search bar and two icons.  You can use the search bar if you want to enter in a friend’s name and see if he or she is online.  Next to the search bar is an icon that looks like a tiny wheel (see image below).  If you click on this, you can check or un-check your availability to chat and/or enable or disable your chat sounds.  The button next to that, which looks like a bracket and a side arrow, will hide your sidebar view of your chat.  You can still view your available friends’ icons on the left-hand side of your homepage if you hide the sidebar.  Any time you want to see the sidebar again, just click on the lower right-hand side of the page that says “Chat,” and it will instantly pop up again.


This is just an introduction to some of the new features on the updated Facebook.  Tune in next time as we go over how to enable your security settings and options!