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Using the New Facebook Pt. 3

Back again!  While we have covered several of the essential aspects of the new Facebook layout, there are still plenty of features left for us to cover. In case you missed it:

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Today, we’re going to talk about the mini News Feed feature that accompanies the updated layout of the new Facebook, how the tag feature works, how to create and event, and how to join a group and like a page.

We talked about the general News Feed feature in the first tutorial – it displays your friends’ status updates, photos, and numerous other stories relating to your personal profile.  The mini News Feed is a new feature that is displayed on the right hand column of the page.  This is a constant time stream located above your chat box.  This displays your friends’ actions as they are happening.  For instance, if your best friend likes or comments a photo, you will see it your mini News Feed instantaneously after it happens.  If there are certain friends’ actions or type of post you do not wish to see, you can edit this on your main News Feed.  This is done by clicking on the downward-facing arrow on the upper right-hand corner of any news story or status update “box.”  By clicking on the down arrow, you can either un-highlight or hide the story and/or unsubscribe from that person, which means his or her activities will no longer be displayed in either of your news feeds.

There is another way to do this as well.  You can unsubscribe from a friend by going to his/her profile page.  On each person’s profile, there are four boxes in the upper right hand corner: “Friends,” “Subscribed,” “Message,” and a little tools icon.  Under Subscribed, you can select the option that best meets your desire, whether that be to receive all of that person’s updates, most updates, only important updates, etc.  Or you can completely unsubscribe from this person.  In this case, their activities will no longer be displayed when you view your News Feed and mini News Feed.

Furthermore, by clicking on the gray box that says “Friends,” you can select what group of friends you want that person to be under, or you can unfriend them if you no longer wish to have this person on your social networking profile.  If you place the individual under the Restricted list, they are still on your list of friends but will not be able to view your profile.  The “Message” box allows you to send a personal message to that said person, and the tools icon on the furthest right allows you to view your friendship page, poke, suggest friends, or report/block the person if circumstances call for such an action.

Next, let’s talk about tagging!  Tagging means identifying a friend and linking that friend to an activity on Facebook – whether that be a tag in a photo, tag in a check-in at a certain location, or a tag in a status update referencing that friend(s).  You can also tag locations and groups or pages.  You can tag practically anything you want on the new Facebook.  If you want to tag a friend’s name in a status update or comment, you just have to type “@” in front of their name, and you can select a name from a list that will generate right before your eyes.  For instance, if I want to tag Bob Smith in my status.  I would simply start typing “@Bob Smith” and click on his name when it comes up on my list of friends.

To do a tag on a photo, go to the lower right hand corner of the picture and click on “Tag Photo.”  Then you can select who you want to tag from your list of friends!  If it’s the name of a person who isn’t on Facebook and you still want to tag them, you can type in a name and enter.  Then you can hit on “Done Tagging” when you are finished.  Simple as that!

Let’s go back to our homepage.  In the upper left-hand column, you’ll see listed under your Favorites: News Feed, Messages, and Events.  Click on Events.  This page will show you any current and upcoming birthdays as well as events, including your friends’ events.  To create an event, click on “Create Event” on the top of the page.  Then you can start by entering in the blank slots on the page: event name, date and time, location, details, and select the guests you want to invite.  You then have a couple of options before creating the event and making it “Facebook official.”  You can either make the event public, which means anyone on Facebook will be able to view AND join the event, such as friends of friends.  By unchecking this option, you limit it to the people you decide to invite to your event.  The second option is to make the guest list private.  If you don’t want other people in the event to see who is attending or not attending the event, you would uncheck this option.  And finally, you can add an event photo by uploading it on the left hand side where there is a little icon of a calendar.

Hope this latest tutorial on Facebook will help you be well on your way to happy social networking!