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My friend bought her son the guitar that he’d been begging for Christmas this past year, and she asked me if I knew of anywhere online that he could get free lessons to learn to play it. I didn’t, but I started a web search for her and found Vanderbilly! This site offers free video lessons for guitar, gear reviews, tips and tricks, and guitar news.

There are a couple of ways that you can start browsing this site. You could start out by heading the FAQ section (top right side of the page) and see what questions they’ve answered (like playback issues, songs submission, etc.). Or you could dive right in and check out the videos by clicking on the Video Vault. Or you might already know that this is a site you are going to use all the time and decide to start your exploration of the site by registering for a free account (you can sign up as a contributor if you are going to upload videos or for just a standard account if you’re here only to learn to play).

The Video Vault is where you will find all the lessons.  You can search the selection with the search field at the top left of the page. Underneath that you’ll find navigation options for the videos. You can filter them by the following categories: Instructional, Performance, Embedded, All Selections. Underneath that you’ll find a poll you can participate in. The videos are viewable in regular and slow motion (provided the uploader selected slow motion during the upload process).

As stated in the FAQ section there is no tablature provided on the site, they only offer video lessons. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t find tablature elsewhere and use it with the videos for the maximum effect.

This is an awesome site and I am so happy I could share it with you! Check it out today!

http://www.vanderbilly.com/ [1]