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Vanity Search

Vanity Search

We’ve used this term in some of our tips before, but evidently, we didn’t explain it very well, because I always have someone asking me what it is. Well, basically, a vanity search is when you put your name into a search engine and search for yourself. It’s actually quite interesting. Read on for some more information!

By doing a vanity search, you can learn about some other people in the world who happen to share your name. Depending on how common or unique your name is, you can learn some pretty neat things. For example, I vanity searched myself and I found a musician, an author, a lawyer, an actress and several other people who have the same name as I do. It’s so cool!

You don’t even have to click on any links in your search results. You can just scan through them and see what all types of people share your name. You can do a vanity search through any search engine, including Google, Yahoo! and MSN. Just navigate to your favorite search engine’s Web site, type in your name and let the results come in. It’s just a fun little thing to save for a rainy day!

~ Erin