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Very Pink

It can be difficult to find great knitting tutorials on video for free. Oftentimes, the videos are too dark or shot at an angle where you cannot see what the person is doing at all. So, when I find videos that are awesome I want to share them with everyone I know.

Staci at Very Pink makes incredibly excellent video tutorials for knitting! I use them all the time when I’m trying to pick up a new skill. For example, when inspiration struck for me to share this site with you I was there learning how to do entrelac knitting.

I also love the ease of navigation on the site. All the links you need to start learning techniques are right on the home page. You can either start under Techniques on the right side of the page, or check out Video & Pattern Library 1 and 2 on the lefts side menu.

Tutorials offers specific videos for projects (if they are free it will say so in the description or if you are here only looking for the free patterns/tutorials, just scroll down to Video & Pattern Library 2 and click Free Patterns.), which is nice. I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve worked a pattern and the instructions don’t make sense to me and seeing it on video would have saved the day! You’ll find the Entrelac tutorial I was talking about in this section. Another nice thing about these videos is if she is using a technique that may be difficult or you might be running into it for the first time she provides a link in the video to the instruction for that technique. So you can click the video link, pause the one you are watching, and review the technique being used.

Techniques – these videos are why I brought you here! You can either click Techniques and go to the page where they are all listed, or click into the categories beneath the name which are Basics, Cast-Ons, Increases, Decreases, Bind-Offs, Seaming/Grafting, Tips & Tricks, and Correcting Mistakes. I love that you can see exactly what Staci is doing with her needles and yarn, and she explains things in detail.

You may also want to follow Staci’s blog, that’s where you’ll find the newest videos and information, as well as adorable pictures of her Basenjis.  You can also check out the About Me section to learn more about Staci!

This site provides awesome knitting instruction, go check it out today!

http://verypink.com/ [1]