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Videos Near Me for YouTube

Let’s admit it, YouTube is the new Cable and we are all addicted to it. However there comes a time for everyone when we are out of ideas on what to watch. The recommendations seem all repeated, and the brain can’t come up with what to search for…

Well, how would you like to watch some videos that were shot near you instead? ‘Videos Near Me [1]’ is a webapp which aggregates videos based on location using their Geo Tags.

You start with selecting your location on the google map. By default, Google Maps pre-determines a ballpark location for you – all you have to do is tweak it to make it precise. Once your location is set, the site pulls out all the videos on YouTube that were shot around where you live. It’s pretty fascinating, and you might even learn something new about where you live.

A pretty novel way to see what’s going on around you, indeed! I had no idea that there was a crazy carpet crawling Kitty living near me. How have I lived so long in the same area without knowing it, I simply can’t Fathom!

~Yogesh Bakshi