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View Classic Movies on Your Computer with Netflix

We all remember watching Dorothy fly “Somewhere over the Rainbow” to that magical land known as Oz. She and Toto traveling “The Yellow Brick Road” as enchantment met them around every bend. Maybe Rhett politely commenting to lovely Scarlet “frankly my dear, I don’t give a damn” brings back delightful memories of days gone by. When longing to view these film treasures, a trip to the local video store seems our only choice. We no longer need to wait with a subscription from Netflix. This service offers thousands of movies at our fingertips for immediate viewing. The Hollywood gem buffers straight from one’s “high speed” internet connection to their computer’s monitor. So grab some popcorn and get ready, as we show just how easy this process is.

Open your internet browser and enter “www.netflix.com” in the address bar.

Once the website appears, locate the yellow button that reads “one month free trial”.

Follow the instructions until the sign up process is completed.


Sign into Netflix using your email and the password chosen.

Choose the “Watch Instantly” tab near the top of the page.

Locate the “Genres” drop down box and highlight it with the mouse cursor.

A list of categories appears from which you can select. We will choose “Classics” and send ourselves back in time to the days of Scarlett O’Hara.


A page appears with loaded with screen gems any film enthusiast will embrace with a smile.

If you hold the mouse cursor over the picture, each video displays info about the film. Choose the blue “Play” tab under the movie you desire.

We will select Gone with the Wind as an example.


The Netflix Media Player will “pop up” on your monitor screen. Your video starts automatically upon complete buffering. The classic film lover can almost see the curtains open, as if sitting in the front row at their favorite theater.

Pause and play features allow time to grab that intermission snack. The media player’s ability to view a film in full screen enhances your experience.


Just look at Miss O’Hara, basking in the color of your monitor’s “crystal clear” LCD screen. The memories these classic treasures bring back soothes the soul and the heart. When it comes to the classics of Hollywood, “frankly my dear, we do give a damn”.

~Scott Dechenaux