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View Multiple PowerPoint Presentations Side by Side

Did you know that you can view multiple presentations at the same time in MS PowerPoint?

It’s not a bad thing to know when you’re trying to compare presentations, or moving items from one to another.

To accomplish this goal, we’re going to need to open all the presentations… obviously, the more you open, the smaller they’ll appear on the screen, so be sure that you need everything that you open.

With the files open, go to the View tab of the Ribbon and click the Arrange All button.

You should be looking at something like this:


As for what I could do besides compare the presentations…

I could copy/cut and then paste from one presentation to the other.

I also found that I could drag and drop slides from one presentation to another, provided that I used a right-click when dragging the slide. This method also gave me the usual Move, Copy, Cancel choices when I realeased the right mouse button.


To get out of the side by side mode, you can simply maximize one of the presentations and you’ll be back to your usual view.

If you create a lot of presentations and often find yourself copying items from one to another, then this is one tip you absolutely have to try!

~ April