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View the Scheduled Tasks Log

What has your PC been doing automatically?

Sometimes, it’s just easier to schedule tasks [1] to happen when you’re not using your computer, especially routine PC maintenance jobs. Don’t remember what you’ve instructed your PC to do on its own? Want to see if those tasks are actually being performed or if your PC was turned off at the scheduled time? XP users, just look at the Scheduled Task log!

Go to the Start menu and hold the mouse over All Programs.


From the list of programs, choose Accessories, then System Tools, then Scheduled Tasks.


The Scheduled Tasks window will appear, listing all of your scheduled tasks, when they will next occur, and when they last occurred! You can even add new tasks to the schedule from this point by clicking the Add Scheduled Task icon.


Isn’t it nice that you can make sure your PC is behaving itself when you’re not looking?

~ Chris Fisher