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View the Vertical Too

View the Vertical Too

Have you ever read one of my references to the vertical ruler in MS Word and thought to yourself, “Now where do I find that”?

I mean, you’ve gone to the View menu and turned the Ruler option on and off about a million times and you’ve still never seen a vertical ruler.

It’s a good question and one that’s easily answered, so I thought today we’d take a quick minute to find that elusive item.

First thing you should know is that the vertical ruler is only visible in the Print Layout view and you’ll need to switch to it if you aren’t already there. (View menu, Print Layout choice).

The next thing you need to know is that the vertical ruler setting is found in the Options window, so we need to use the Tools menu, Options choice.

Once in the Options window, go to the View tab.

You’re now looking for the Print and Web Layouts section. It’s here that you need to check the “Vertical ruler” choice.

Now click OK.

Voila! From this point forward, if you’re in the Print Layout view and have the Ruler option selected, you’ll view the vertical too!

~ April