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Viewing Multiple Features in Outlook

Do you use more than one feature of MS Outlook on a daily basis?

Maybe you like to have the Inbox right there for quick information but at the same time you need access to your calendar almost as often.

Tired of switching from one to the other?

I know that in the past, we’ve covered using the Ctrl key to move back and forth… but what if you don’t want to spend time switching?

What if you want it all available simultaneously? You know, something similar to the access we have when we open multiple Word documents at one time. We just flip through them… not opening and closing… just jumping from one already open document to another and back again.

Can we get that same thing when dealing with the different elements of Outlook?

You bet – and it’s a lot easier than you might imagine.

Next time you feel that urge to have the Inbox, Calendar and Contacts (or whatever combination works for you) open simultaneously just remember to right-click.

Yep – it’s as easy as a right-click.

For example, instead of a single click on the Calendar feature in the Navigation Pane / Outlook Bar (depending upon the version of Outlook), which will replace your current view with the new one you’ve requested, try a right-click on that choice.


Different versions of Outlook will have different choices appear in the menu, but they all should have Open in New Window, so choose it.

That’s all there is to it. Instantly the chosen item will open without navigating away from your initial location.

Now that’s what I call having it all.

~ April