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Viewing Multiple Pages in Open Office Writer

Artell from Michigan writes  “In Open Office, if I want to preview it will show only one page. Is there a way to look at all of the pages at the same time?  I only am talking like 2 or 3, not lots of pages. I have done this in Word!  Thanks you for your help!

Hi, Artell.  Thanks for the great question. For those who don’t know, Open Office is a free office suite from Oracle that rivals Microsoft Office in its capabilities.  Did I mention that it’s free?  The suite consists of Base (database), Calc (Excel), Draw (a sketchpad program much less useful than Paint), Impress (Power Point), Math (an advanced scientific calculator) and Writer (Word) which is, I think, the program that you’re asking about. 

The greatest thing about this tip is that it’s not only possible to view multiple pages in Writer, it’s actually pretty easy.

Once you’ve got your document open, click on FILE and then PAGE PREVIEW.

The default for this on a multiple-page document is two pages.  Next, find the icon that looks like four pieces of paper and click on it.  This is the PAGE PREVIEW: MULTIPLE PAGES icon.

Now, here’s the really nifty part.  When you click on this, it will open up a blank grid. 

By mousing over the grid, you get to pick not only how many pages you display at once on the preview screen, but also HOW you want them to display.  For instance, on a six page document, if you highlight three squares across and two squares down, you get this:

Note:  this image is about half actual size, as is the next one.  If you highlight six squares across and one square down, you get this:

Bear in mind that the more pages that you have on the screen at a time, the harder it will be to read. 

If, on the other hand, you want to open multiple pages at once that can be edited, then you click on VIEW and then ZOOM.

The smaller that you go under 100%, the more pages will display on your screen.  The same caution applies, though… the more that you have on the screen at once, the more difficult it will be to read.

I hope that this helps!

 ~ Randal Schaffer