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Viewing the Week Number in MS Outlook

Sometimes it’s helpful, or even necessary, to know what number a particular week is in a year.

There are occasions where it’s helpful for reporting information, appointments, etc. Heck, I even find it helpful for keeping track of pay periods. Instead of counting Fridays on a calendar I simply need to know if I’m paid on odd or even week numbers (being paid bi-weekly). Trust me, the whole count Fridays thing in overrated… it’s way too easy to miss or double count Fridays when you change from one month to another.

At any rate, whatever use you may find for the week number, here’s how you can get Outlook to display that information on your calendars.

First, for those of you with Outlook 2007…

From the Tools menu, choose Options to open the Options dialog box.

On the Preferences tab click the Calendar Options button.


In the Calendar Options section select “Show week numbers in the Month View and Date Navigator“.


Click OK.

If you’re using Outlook 2010, then you begin with the File tab on the Ribbon, Options button.

In the Options dialog box select the Calendar category (left column).


Within the calendar options, scroll down to the Display options section and select “Show week numbers in the month view and Date Navigator“.

Click OK.

That’s it – you’ll now find the week number on the left side of your calendars.

No more calendar counting or guessing… with just a quick glance you can be absolutely certain of where we are within the year.