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Vintage TV Sets

We’ve talked about a lot of vintage items here in my column, now let’s turn our attention to Vintage TV sets. Boasting almost 50 different television sets, this site definitely has variety down.

From a 1948 Admiral to 1964 Zenith, you’ll find a lot of variety here. Mostly table top television sets from the 50’s—I found this interesting. I mean, TV’s today are either flat and hang on a wall or sharp edged boxes that vary from big screen to 15 inch on a TV stand. It’s interesting to see these TV’s that sat on tables, kitchen counters, and such.

Can you imagine a 12 inch set being a “big screen” TV? I can’t. My computer monitor is a 17 inch and I definitely don’t like watching DVD’s on the computer due to the screen size. We sure are spoiled with size.

What is really neat about this site is that you get to see the TV’s obviously, but you also get to see the guts of the TV’s in the repair photos, and some of the original advertisements for the sets. I mean they even had suitcase television sets for travel.

You can also check out what the site owner is looking for, and the Phil Predicta Article about the technology of television tubes!

A very neat site all around, make sure you tune in.

http://www.vintagetvsets.com/ [1]