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Virtual DJ

Have you ever hosted a party and then been stuck at your hi-fi trying to control what funky tunes your guests will be listening to next?

Does it bug you when there is a gap between your banging party tracks?

Here at Worldstart we may have happened upon the perfect solution to your party throwing woes!

This tip is going to show you how to use a funky program called Virtual DJ, which will allow you to blend tracks together like a professional DJ and set up playlists that mean you can be free to show off those cocktail making skills you learned on that trip to Thailand.

Just a quick round up of what you’ll be doing:

1. Downloading the funky and easy to use Virtual DJ program.

2. Loading tracks from your personal music collection into a playlist.

3. Learning how to blend a long series of tracks easily.

4. Boogying on down! (Optional)

Let’s get started!

Jump to this link [1] to download your particular version of Virtual DJ, either PC or Mac.

Virtual DJ – Home Edition is completely free and safe so, in any security boxes that pop up, just click Run or Allow.

During a fairly standard installation, about the only option to watch for is the choice to create a desktop icon.

Unless you choose to wait, Virtual Dj will launch automatically at the end of the setup.

You’ve now installed Virtual Dj onto your PC, pop some moves in celebration because you’re a big step closer to becoming a Dj God!

If you agreed to add the desktop icon, Virtual Dj can be found on your desktop at any time. It looks like this:


When the program opens it will ask for login details, check the do not show again box and click skip as shown below.


Virtual Dj has an explorer pane, which means that all you have to do in order to add tracks to its playlist, is to find where they are on your PC. Click around the area highlighted with a red circle below until you find where your music is:


The playlist pops in and out when your cursor is placed over it. It is circled in blue above, and is shown below what it should look like when it’s open.


This is a little tricky, so just to recap, click on the file name that contains your music in the left hand pane.

The music within that file will show up in the middle pain – drag a track over to the right where it says Playlist.

The playlist will pop open – drop the track. Done! Phew! Do this several times for different tracks.

To make the tracks automatically mix and blend together just click the lightning button, which is found inside the Playlist pane. It will turn green and the first track will start playing.


Make a long enough playlist and your guests will be wowed by your apparent magical musical blending ability and will no doubt request your skills at their next get together!

~Matthew McGuire