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Visions of the Earth

Visions of Earth is a section of the National Geographic site that changes monthly. Every month they feature amazing photos from all over the world.

Navigation is easy! The images are setup in the style of a slide show, so you can either use the arrows to navigate through them or click the thumbnails. You can also use the ►| (next)  button to navigate to the next set of slides. The images for this set go all the way back to January 2011.

I especially loved the image of corn from the United States that greeted me. I had no idea that Iowa provided so much corn! Another favorite of mine was the dancers from China who looked like an emerald forest.

If you want to see the Visions of the Earth galleries from previous years, just select the year you’d like to view from the grey navigation strip. There are Visions of the Earth galleries that date back to 2006.

This is an amazing collection of images! Check it out today!

http://ngm.nationalgeographic.com/visions-of-earth/visions-earth-2011 [1]