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Windows Activation Status

Microsoft likes it when people activate their software. If you just got a new computer, chances are that when you first booted it up, Windows asked you to activate. It goes pretty quick, and in no time you’re off and running with your PC; carefree and without any activation reservations.

But what if you bought that Vista or Windows 7 machine used? How are you to be sure that it has been activated completely? Thank goodness for good news, people! Let’s learn how to check our Activation Status!

Do this:

Click Start and in the Search Bar, type cmd. Then either hit the Enter key, or click on the cmd link.

This opens the Command Prompt; a sight for sore eyes in some circles.

At the Command Prompt type: slmgr.vbs -dli

Now wait for a bit, I know I had to; and because I originally wrote this tip for Vista Enterprise and Business, I wasn’t expecting it to work. Then, out of nowhere, this window popped up:

If it says License Status: Licensed you’re covered! If not, you might want to contact the seller and see what’s up!