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Vista Control

Vista Control

To most users, Widows Vista gives a very good first impression. Most current XP and 2000 users will love the enhancements and new features. Microsoft certainly seems to have done a good job here. However, one thing that Microsoft has failed to fix is some of the annoying factors of its operating systems. For instance, do you remember that red shield cross icon that would appear in your taskbar when you disabled the Security Center in Windows XP? Well, this time with Vista, they have taken it one step further. Every time you install a program or configure your Vista settings, you will be presented with a pop up box asking for your permission.

As secure as Microsoft is trying to make Vista, seeing this message every single time you try to do something can be very frustrating, even for the most patient computer user. So, how do we get rid of this, you’re probably asking? Allow me to show you!

Open your Control Panel and go to User Accounts. You will see the link, which says “Turn User Account Control On or Off.” Uncheck the box that says “Use User Account Control (UAC) to help protect your computer.” Reboot your computer and ta da, you have got rid of those prompts!

Since Microsoft critically recommends you not to do this, a red shield with a white cross will crop up in your taskbar. This is the same thing that has carried over from the days of Windows XP. The red shield can be rather irritating and putting up with it, simply because you chose to disagree with how Microsoft wants you to run your computer, seems a little unfair, doesn’t it?!

Well, then let’s get rid of that icon too. Go to Start, Control Panel and move on to the Security Center, located on the left side. Find the link that says “Change the way the Security Center alerts me” and choose “Don’t notify me and don’t display the icon (not recommended).”

Some of you might be thinking, “Why should this be done or how safe is it, since Microsoft again and again tells us not to do this”? Well, as long as you have secured your system with an antivirus program, spyware and malware utilities and a firewall, I would say you are safe to ignore this. The intentions of Microsoft are good. I mean, they simply want your PC to be secure, but if somebody has taken enough effort to install the above mentioned software, I don’t see why you need Windows Vista guiding you on what road you should take at every step.

Just trying to get rid of some of your day to day computer stress. Take it or leave it!

~ Yogesh Bakshi