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Vista Icons

Ever since you upgraded or installed Vista, you’ve probably noticed that the icons on your desktop are a little bigger than the earlier versions of Windows. You’ve probably noticed also that the text that comes along with those icons is larger as well. Or, who knows, maybe neither of them are big enough to meet your preferences. So, how can you change them?

First, Right-Click on your desktop and go to View. Once the pull over menu appears, you’ll see the first three choices of Large, Medium and Classic Icons. Your icons right now are probably set on Medium, so if you want to make them smaller or larger, choose either Larger or Classic. Just click on your choice and the icons will automatically change for you.


Now, I will tell you that the Larger choice makes the icons very big and they will take up most of your desktop space, but it will also help with those that have poor eyesight. The Classic choice will make your icons the size they were in XP. So, the choice is yours, but at least you now know how to modify them when you’re looking for a change!

~ Andrew