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Vista On Screen Keyboard

Vista On Screen Keyboard

How many of you remember talking about an on screen keyboard [1] for Windows XP awhile back? Come on, don’t be shy, raise those hands! Well, recently, several of you have been asking about that very same thing for Windows Vista. I don’t know if a bunch of you just upgraded to Vista or if you just now remembered about the on screen keyboard option, but I can tell you’re dying to know more about the Vista version! So, I guess the least I can do is put your inquiring minds at ease. Here we go. Today is all about the Vista on screen keyboard!

First of all, to get to the on screen keyboard in Vista, go to Start, Control Panel and click on the Ease of Access link. Next, click on the Ease of Access Center link and you will then see all of the accessibility options Vista has to offer, including a Magnifier, On Screen Keyboard, Narrator and High Contrast. For this tip, we’re just going to focus on the keyboard, but feel free to browse through those other choices later on! To begin, click on the On Screen Keyboard link and wait for it to pop up. Once it’s up on your screen, you can start using it however you wish. You can use it to type an e-mail, to work on a Word document or whatever you may be doing. Just use your mouse to click on the letters and they will show up just like you were using a real keyboard. Awesome!

There are also some additional options you can choose from when using the on screen keyboard in Vista. Under the Keyboard menu, you can choose between an enhanced or standard keyboard (it just changes the way the keyboard looks), a regular or block layout and you can choose how many keys you want your keyboard to have (either 101, 102 or 106). Under the Settings menu, you can opt to have a clicking sound when you’re typing, you can decide which typing mode works best for you and you can even change the way the font looks. There’s even a Help menu if you need further assistance. The on screen keyboard is just something you can use to give your typing fingers a little rest. I love it and I’m sure you will too. Give it a try on your Vista computer today!

~ Erin