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Vista With IE 9 – Why Do Some Sites Have Problems?

Tony from New York City writes: I use a desktop computer with OS Vista and IE 9. On some websites, I am told that I am using an out dated browser. I am using the latest browser for Vista. Do you know why I am getting this message and what can I do about it? One site in particular, AMC, does not even let me use at all because it says my browser is too old!

The latest version of Internet Explorer is IE 10 with IE 11 expected to arrive this summer. Windows Vista does not support upgrading to Internet Explorer 10. In fact, Microsoft ended mainstream support for Windows Vista in April of last year. And that can cause issues with some sites that require the latest version of the browser. So even though you have the latest version of the browser your operating system will support, you don’t have the latest version available.  I would suggest trying other browser like Firefox to see if that solves your issue or perhaps considering an upgrade to Windows 7, if the problem bothers you enough to make it worth spending money to fix.

Hope that helps.

~ Cynthia