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Visual News – Inspiration From All Over The World

Welcome to Visual News! This site is dedicated to finding visual inspiration from all over the world and putting it in one place in order to inspire you. With a focus on news from the categories of Art, Design, Technology, and People, you’ll have a lot of inspiration to pick from. 

When you head to the site, on the main page you’ll find that it is set up blog style with the most recently featured stories first.  Navigation is at the bottom of the page, and that will take you to older entries. You’ll also notice that there is a navigation strip at the top of the page with the following categories: Art, DesignPeopleNews, Technology, Visualization, and About.  By clicking into any of those categories, you’ll find just the articles that cover that topic. 

Categories are fine and all, but my favorite way to check out this site is the click the red flag that reads Explore. It randomly generates an article for you to check out. I thought it was by far the most interesting and inspirational way to browse the site.

Are you ready to be inspired? Well then go check out Visual News today!

 http://www.visualnews.com/ [1]