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You’ve heard of a blog, right? Maybe you even have your own that you share with your friends and family over the Internet. So, what about a vlog? Have you heard of that? To be honest, I never heard of it until just the other day, but it intrigued me, so I thought I would share the news with all of you wonderful people too!

A vlog is short for a video blog. It combines video, the Web and a log all into one. It’s basically a blog that includes video. That is the only difference from a regular blog. Vlogs contain embedded videos or the video links that are accompanied by other text, images or any other media data. You can put videos into your regular blogs, but if you want something with nothing but videos for your viewers to see, a vlog is the way to go.

Some vlogs use an RSS feed for automatic distribution of the videos whenever someone logs in to view them. This allows for faster playback on personal computers and other mobile devices. Some vlogs are collaborative efforts by several people, but some are also individually maintained. You can create your own if you’d like. Just include some of your favorite videos and let your readers know about it to gain support. It’s a cool way to occupy your time!

~ Erin