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Vocabulary.com – Build Vocabulary And Brain Power

I have a passion for learning new vocabulary. It keeps my brain well fed! So when I found Vocabulary.com, I knew I had to share it with you because it is awesome! 

You can start without registering and get a feel for the site. You’ll answer a variety of different vocabulary questions that range from straigh- up word and definition to contextually matching a word in a sentence to its proper definition. 

When you’ve completed Round 1, you’ll be asked to register so you can keep track of your progress and they can start fine-tuning the site to your brain. If you look below the play area where the questions are asked you can see how the site works. You play a round, they build a model of what knowledge you have, then they predict what you don’t know and start teaching you new vocabulary, then you starting learning it! 

If you decide you want to sign up, you can either fill out the registration form or F-connect with Facebook, and you know I chose to F-connect! After you’ve chosen how to register, you’ll have to fill out the profile form with your display name, what your favorite and least favorite word is, as well as where you’re from. When you’re done with the form click Start Using Vocabulary.com now and get back to answering vocabulary questions!

This is an awesome adaptive vocabulary game that builds brain power every time you play it. So go check it out today and start learning new words!

http://www.vocabulary.com/ [1]